Epistle : Sudden Stop


In the eery darkness of the night;
A lonely girl has lost the will to fight.
Fight for what is rightfully hers;
Settled for last, when she should’ve been first.

One way or another, she refused to believe;
In the magic of happy endings, a momentary reprieve.
Innocence is lost, and forever gone;
No turning back, when all has been said and nothing is done.

Tears, laughter, sorrows, and sighs;
Hope, love, hellos, and goodbyes.
Nothing is left, just fragments of the past;
A painful memory, of what once was.

And as she reached for the light…
Sudden stop.


The Tinder Project : The Inevitable End

YES, I have deleted Tinder. After 4 days. I have failed the challenge. And I can’t believe I am saying this, but I enjoyed those 4 days. From judging how people looked, up to talking non-sense with other people. But alas, like most good things – this, too, is not meant to last.

I’ve had some really interesting conversations on my last day, I even met and talked to someone who I would’ve married… Only if I were not the ‘girl of his dreams’.

Seriously though, I think I’ve encountered fewer perverts so don’t be scared. Most people I talked to were fun, and are just looking for some fun and not boring conversations. Tinder is a fun and different experience. I mean I don’t go out on blind dates, and if it was up to me I don’t want to go out at all. For being a social butterfly, I am weirdly anti-social. But Tinder is one step to leaving one’s anti-social shell. It’s an avenue to be someone you are usually not. People don’t know you so they don’t have judgment of you.

I know 4 days is too short to pass on my judgment and conclusion, but below are my top 3 conclusions based on my limited observations:

1.) When using Tinder, always keep an open mind. Be game. Everyone’s in there to have a bit of fun. So remove that stick out of your ass and just enjoy the non-sense conversations.

2.) Have fun, be fun. During my 4-day trial period, I assumed at least 3 different personas: the “flirty looking just for hook-up” girl, the “innocent it’s my first time” girl, and the “something crawled up in her ass and died” girl. And even though some old perverts are interested on young innocent girls, it’s the “flirty hook-up girl” who got all the “wonderful” end of the conversation.

3.) Don’t believe what you see. Or believe them. It’s actually up to you. But I still believe that half of the users are decepticons spying on us humans. They think themselves to be so clever disguising as cars, but we’re onto them… Right?

Seriously though, Tinder is not a bad social dating app. And also a very good way to pass non-productive time. It’s a fun way to meet new people, and sometimes friends. I guess at the end of the day, you just need to trust your instinct and your judgment of people. Not everyone is good, but not everyone is bad either.

At this day and age, I guess Tinder already is an acceptable way of socializing. Gone are those “people watching” days, and “buying strangers drinks in the bar” days. Why go to the pain of doing that when you can filter them over some application, and go to the said bar already prepared. Applications like these have really changed the rules of the dating game.

I’ve said before that Tinder is the most judgmental app out there, but I take it back. It is the most non-judgmental at the same time judgmental application ever. But it is indeed a judgmental’s paradise. You can like or dislike whoever you want and you can be whoever you eant to be! If you want to be a cat or dog, go for it! Just enjoy the flow, who knows? The one might just be hiding as a “transformer” or a “cat” on Tinder!

A/N: Update on Jonathan the dog. He did like my picture back but he just wanted to know if I have a pussy he can pet… That pervert dog! And he seems so nice in his photo.

The Tinder Project : Day 3

“You have really nice boobs!”
Seriously? my picture is a full body mirror shot, but I’m 1 meter away from the mirror and the shot is freakin’ blurry!

That’s my 3rd day, summarized. Good thing that my sensibilities don’t get easily offended and 80% of my close friends are boys. I somehow have an idea how most of them act in situations like these.

And I was already propositioned to participate in a threesome on Day 2, so stuff like these are nothing compared to that. But that’s how most of the Tinder conversations I have goes. And I want to share my top 3 favorites…

2015/05/img_3345.jpg So apparently, I am not really that simple minded to comprehend his choice of language. I have no problems with shortcuts, but why call me a bitch when I didn’t understand what ‘wru’ means? For all I know, it means… Welsh Rugby Union.

#22015/05/img_3351.jpg We live in a small world and I don’t want to make it a lot smaller. So NO. Unmatch. This is just a social experiment for me and not really taking things seriously. Maybe one day, but for today it’s just nice meeting you.

2015/05/img_3349.jpg This one, I just really don’t understand. I mean really? Bionic eyes? Are you even human?!

Honestly though, these Tinder converstations entertain me a lot! I just heard today that one user was able to find her one true love in Tinder – congratulations to her. I’d like to believe that that is an exception.

I have yet to talk to someone that makes sense. Most of these Tinder users are really funny and weird. One must really have an open mind to tolerate most things that go on in Tinder.

OR it could also be because of me. I don’t take Tinder seriously, and I am not an avid fan of communicating over chat/sms. I don’t even consistently reply to my friends. But let’s see, 27 more days! I’m really tempted to delete the application sooner than that though. My phone’s memory is dwindling!

The Tinder Project : Day 2

Or we can say, the day I almost deleted Tinder because I really cannot comprehend why people prefer it over actual live convesation… Seriously though, I contemplated on deleting the app and backing out on the challenge/experiment because every bit of memory space is very important to my 16GB non-expandable phone. But I power through-ed it.

Unlike day 1, I spent a considerably larger amount of time judging people and trying to socialize with some of them today.

Tinder is not just an application for judging people based on how good their photos are edited… The app actually allow the users to socialize or chat with each other if both liked each other’s account. And this is how it looks like when you get matched.

2015/05/img_3336.jpg This will pop-up in your screen and you have a choice to either continue judging or start talking to your match. By the way, on a side note – Tiago is half-Spanish, half-Irish or so he claims. If that is true (which I doubt it is), JACKPOT =p.

Going back, if you opt to continue judging you can always go back to all your matches list and further filter who you want to talk to…
And believe me… you should filter because the talking part, I think, is the weirdest and creepiest part of this whole Tinder thing – thank God for the blocking functionality. I am not some prude, but you don’t offer threesome to a girl you just started talking to a couple of minutes ago. Fortunately, that’s the creepiest and dirtiest proposition I got. Most of them were just funny and highly amusing. I was just laughing all the time because it’s really hard to believe that some people fall for those kinds of small talks.

Anyway, I was little more judgmental today. I only swiped right for a couple of photos, though I did find a few interesting ones. Here are some of them…

Most photos look like these2015/05/img_3335.jpgwhat’s over there people? I just don’t get the whole looking over there/brooding look.

There are also a handful of familiar faces
2015/05/img_3338.jpgwhich I find really awkward… You want to like them because they’re your friends and some of them are actually good looking, but when you think about it..
You wont really want to swipe right.

But the best one I’ve seen today, or ever, is this..2015/05/img_3332.pnghow often do we all come across a dog who uses Tinder and is an emo at the same time? I honestly swiped right for this dog, and until now I am hoping he will swipe right for me too! 😉

So that’s day 2 in a very long nutshell. I won’t put you through a much longer and gruesome narrative. Let’s just say this experiment just proves more and more that I am anti-social in the cyber world. But again I am just in day 2, I have 28 more. Let’s see if I can still power through the remaining days, though. Til tomorrow!

The Tinder Project : Day 1

Day 1 is almost over and since my day is pretty full, I was only able to spend 20 minutes judging people by swiping left and right. That, and my ADD tendencies are very much active today.

Anyway to start my judging, I have tweaked the “Discovery” settings a little bit.
First, I set the “Discovery” to allow other users to discover my profile. Then I tweaked all other settings according to preference. For today, I have set it to be within 20km radius – meaning all Male Tinder users inside that perimeter will be listed down. Then I have set the age range from a minimum of 27 to a maximum of 40. Once that is done, the judging soon followed…
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Social Experiment: The Tinder Project

According to Wiki, Tinder is a location-based social discovery application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users. Another source said that it’s like real life, but better.

And there are probably more than a dozen of other definitions out there, but to make it simple… The judgmental coed thinks it’s a social media application crafted for judgmental individuals like her. Why? The rules are simple, you like the person – swipe right; you don’t like – swipe left. And everything is based purely on the photos posted in their profiles (because really what good can one get out of a 500char description?)

The judgmental coed would like to think that she is an overly friendly person. She believes that she is a very good judge of people’s character and making friends is as natural as breathing for her. So this Tinder thing should be a walk in the park. She would like to see if the line between real life and “real social media” life has already been blurred.

She calls this the “The Tinder Project” – an independent experiment and a challenge to see if an overly friendly person in real life can be an overly friendly person in what they call “like real life, but better” too. In the course of 1 month, the judgmental coed will be documenting her experiences, observations, and conclusion while and after using Tinder. She will decide if it is really a judgmental’s paradise and if the people she will meet in Tinder (if there is any) is better than real life.

So where to start? Many are saying that Tinder is an app for the socially challenged who are desperate to meet friends and the judgmental coed used to think so too… So what she first gotta do is…

Step 1: get off whatever high pedestal she is on and download the application.
Step 2: actually link the fb account to tinder. I guess this is another step to ensure that everyone are humans and not droids. All photos you will post in your profile will come from facebook.
Step 3: update profile, photos, short description (photos can only come from those uploaded in facebook, description can be anything under the sun as long as within 500char)
And last but not the least –

Step 4: update preferences. The geographical scope (I think this is measured in diameters), the gender group, the age group. (You can go as far as 160km and choose as young as 18yrs older – barely legal but whatever)
After you have completed all these, voila – you’re officially on Tinder. The only thing left to do now is to swipe left, swipe right, and judge people!

It’s already late and I’m too lazy to start swiping left and right… So the judging will commence tomorrow. Will keep y’all posted!

Confessions: Never say never

She swear never to fall in love again.

She’s been hurt and she’s been shamed. She’s been torn and she’s been trampled. And she is left with nothing but the broken pieces of her heart, and her barely there ego and pride.

But she bounced back. She became the better version of herself. She worked very hard to be in a position where in she will never hurt again. But at the expense of her own freedom, her own happiness.

She created this wall, very sturdy and very high. She shielded the pieces of her heart, placed it in an adamantium box, and has thrown the key away. She robbed herself of the ability to love again, the chance to a happy ending.

And suddenly there he was, the guy with the softest gray eyes. Armed with nothing but a smile and unrivaled passion for saving Flipper and his friends.

So while listening to his broken english. Maybe, just maybe she is ready to fall in love again.